Sunday, June 11, 2006

drunken german boys + flybar = bad idea...or good times

wow. die fussball weltmeisterschaaft is off and running. with my brother in berlin at the braendenburg gate for the opening match: germany v. ecuador on a jumbotron screen, cuban cigars in our mouths, wonder in our eyes, and grattitude in our hearts for a dream come finally true. it was unbelievable...check out the bitchin` pics.


1. drinking brews on the train to the festivities...and to the game (open container, what?)

2. being immersed into germans in their capital city when their team scored the first goal of the cup. talk about good vibrations, brian wilson.

3. pogoing with folks from all over the world and giving away free flybar swag...thus making my pack a lot lighter (light and fast, light and fast kids)

4. jumping over 3 argentine hermanos with the flybar.

5. falling asleep exhausted near some bushes outside of the trainstation

an epic day indeed. my brother said it best..."international euphoria". a lot of my favorite things are being combined right now in my life: crossing cultures, travel, good food\drink, soccer, mass congregations of very different social groups, and a hearty activity to bring them together and laugh, sweat, and believe in themselves. unless they are drunk, and then they just make an ass of themselves...and we get a kick out of it, too. ja duetschland. keep your eye on our boys: usa v. the czechs this monday.

peace and love.


Anonymous nko said...

Hey! Wake up guys!
This blog has to be like the chaos! Full of funny notes with a bit (just a little bit!) of love for this crazy man and his flybar!
France team...what a such pity...
Keep walking in this way donnie.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mix... man, living the dream. Love you brother. Just be sure and come back some day.

Flybar on.


8:12 AM  
Blogger Seth said...

I have a flybar in my pants.

I love you, brother!


11:10 PM  

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