Sunday, June 18, 2006

rocking like pele back in his hayday...

my apologies for MIA, but it has been a string of long, over-stimulated days of tramping around like a hobo with a pogo. let�s talk about spectrums for a moment. i started last week sleeping under an overpass in berlin eating other peoples� "trash" (don�t worry, mom...i still haven�t gotten herpes from this behavior) - to this week, waking up in a posh flat that overlooks all of stuttgart with a fridge full of beer, jello and cheese. the floors are all marble, too, so i feel like liberachi or sigmund and roy - without the tigers and the gay sex of course.

ok, moving on: top news...1) buying two overpriced tickets for italy v. ghana from some sleeze-ball italian guy named "salvatore" who had the chinese character for "trust" tatooed on his neck. turns out the tix were legit and my brother and i fulfilled a childhood vow to make it to the world cup together to see the azzuri play the game that we love. 2) meeting a talented, tramping welsh girl named faye who lives out of her van and busks enough money from playing songs with her guitar to get to her next temporary destination. a few of my new favorite english terms: minging - which means �disgusting� / rum - which means �risky� / see your ass - which means �to be humiliated ...another great comment she had concerning england was "soccer is the game that england gave to the world and now we can�t get it back." this was to describe a great english futbol song that talks about "thirty years of hurt" - england last won the world cup in �66.

the flybar continues to bring the people together and bring the kid out in those who are "rum" enough to hop on. one observation...though soccer has brought the world together this month in germany, all of the jerseys, flags and �ber nationalism keeps most of us at an arm�s length...until people start drinking, dancing, or flybarring. this is why i am doing what i am doing. i am addicted to seeing a tunisian hug a spainard after they have jumped around together for a few minutes in a sea of onlookers. stay tuned for some pictures- as soon as i figure out the damn website stuff. also, thought of the day: does hosting the world cup heal any residual guilt and shame from the nazi era?


Blogger Seth said...

Can't believe you got to see a game...absolutely amazing!

The challenge is still on the one second of a World Cup match.

Much love, and walk in humility (or walk and "see your ass").

7:44 PM  
Anonymous shannon (anderson) said...

donnie... it's shannon (anderson).... LU-OVE how you described that apartment in stuttgart... haha perfect. witt & i went over to wash the sheets and make sure there weren't any patchouli plants growing in the fireplace after your jaunt through stuttgart, and i couldn't believe the ridiculous marble floors and gold headboard :)

hope you're having a blast still ~ stick around europe & maybe i'll see you on my next visit to my parents' house?? if you want to play north of amsterdam (wassnaar), you can crash with mama and papa anderson ~ they have 3 empty bedrooms just waiting for visitors & my mom's a kick ASS cook!!


3:25 AM  
Blogger forrestjump said...

i need to fly out of amsterdam. how do i get in touch with your folks?

1000 thanks.

3:19 PM  

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