Wednesday, June 21, 2006

bratwursts and angelina jolie

uh -oh...

´ello beautiful people. did you see cole´s goal for england yesterday against sweden? unbelievable. makes me want to sign my life away to a füssball club for the next 3 yrs. to be able to do it myself. total mastery of mind and body, i tell you. so much so, that in the subconcious - when the mind is humming 'om', you can rip a ball within inches of your target. so that is the thought of the do we get there???

i've heard that discipline is the road. lately, i have not been disciplined in certain areas of my life...eating too many bratwurts, not learning the language, and being too much of a hermit (funny how hanging out is a discipline for social excellence). so today i am thinking/praying this: help me to practice control over my passions so that i can funnel them into creative acts of love that contribute to the good times of all of those within reach...and beyond, maybe. and today's example: angelina jolie. UN 'goodwill ambassador' who gives 1/3 of her income to refugee camp NGO's, has adopted 2 children, and walks the line of entertainer/humanitarian. of course, there are thousands of soulwarriors doing the good work who will remain anonymous, but this morning i saw her interviewed by anderson cooper ( and was shaken to my heart once again. God have mercy on the suffering...and then i realize that i am the answer to my prayer.

and a quotation concerning self control...since we're in germany

"you can't keep the birds from flying overhead, but you can keep them from building nests in your hair." - martin luther

i'm feeling spain, folks. coastal towns with perhaps a brief appointment with stupidity in pamplona with the running of the bulls on july 7th. if you see me get gored on ESPN, i sure as hell better have a flybar between my legs. ok - i hope you all are experiencing wonder today. be happy.


Blogger mandy said...

Donnie! Looks like you're having an amazing time in Germany! I'll be sad if you get gored by the bulls on your flybar . . . but man, what a way to go! Take care, friend.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous jimmy said...

keep yer head above yer balls donnie. I just celebrated my 32nd birthday peeing out of my solid hole. funny how God made us. thailand did a number on me, can't wait to go back. make love to the world my good friend. human suffering is why we bleed into this dying world that breathes so much life. How crazy are we? pretty freakin' crazy. peace to you. flybar away, and make a nest in someone's hair.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Maniel Dankovitch said...

KEPLER!!! Group email from the mandy/daniel birthday party! We're thinking of you man, thanks for the message, I can't wait to talk to you. What you're doing is abso;utely incredible. WE'VE got the home brew out and arbria and rusty and I are about to jam. we'll play one for you brother. lets talk soon. -daniel

6:13 AM  
Anonymous T.J. Doherty said...

Pamplona. Don't get gored as you owe me a scramble, but hey, American tourists never get Gored in Spain...
Don't skip out of some wicked chances while you are there, Granada. Meet up with some gitanos, Flymencobar with castanetas on your handles and fall for the dark beauty that carresses your skin like the desert breeze crossing the Gibraltar. Like and old brinda I was taught by an ancient Valenciano, "Amor, Pasetas, y muchas, muchas tetas"

7:42 AM  
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