Thursday, July 13, 2006

ibiza, spain

although ibiza is most renowned for its all-night-dionysian-techno-hump-fests it also affords some amazing meditarranean moments, not to mention, being the supposed home of christopher columbus as well as a muse for many artists including brian eno, jimmy page, albert camus, and bob dylan (who spent a summer in a windmill writing in these islands). of course, as luck would have it...actually, let's call it 'mercy' - a dear friend of mine, elliot moore (the most open dude i know), gave me his aunt's info who happens to live on ibiza (she deserves her own posting, of which i will write later). nonetheless, we got in touch and she told me to come on out. i left my russian friends and headed south determined to find the most epic and cheapest way to get to the islands. upon arriving in the port town of Denia, i made my way to the private docks to ask folks if i could get passage on their boat in exchange for work. this did not work - at least this particular time. so, i decided to spend my last euros on ferry. but i was too late and the faux-hawked british girl in front of me in line at the ticket office got the last available space on the night ferry. "ok, no are living life as an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be figured out" i say to myself as i leave the office and head into the shipping yard. sitting on my flybar, i watched the movements of another docked ferry for about 15 minutes and decided to sneak onto it as a stowaway (long story for the southern sun in boulder). mission accomplished only to find out in the early morning that it wasn't going to ibiza, rather a repair yard (thank God i got caught) - thus, leaving me no other option than to sleep on a park bench and catch the next morning's ferry at 6am. which i did.

other tramps and trampings...

after connecting with the lovely, johnnis lunow (elliot's aunt), i wandered into the metropolitan areas of eivissa town whereupon i met some kindred hearted travelers waiting out the sun's midday heat under some shade in the plaza del parque. we got jugglers, musicians, poi-fire dancers, magicians...basically a bunch of cool looking girls and guys who look like they were all braveheart extras. the dreadlock mullet is humming over here...

anyway, i meet pablo and maru...two kids in their early twenties from the canerie islands on their summer break. they are beautiful together and totally in love. over the course of the next few days everytime i looked at them i would hear the guitar seagulls from don henley's classic song, "boys of summer". turns out, pablo is a rockclimber. we share jubilation for a few seconds and then he drops mad science on me about some great spots to climb here in abiza...

atlantis y es vedra

over the next few days we organize a camping and climbing trip with a few other transients from ibiza's beach squatting summer sub-culture. the excitement brewing during the bus ride away from the noisy city, and the hike into another part of the island quickly turned to gasping amazement as we arrived at the zenith of our trail to see these epic land masses rising out of the ocean.
this is es vedra and people talk about the "energy being really good here" - nostradomas purportedly talked about it, too...something about this being the place to be when the end of world comes. no shit, sherlock. who wouldn't want to be?

anyway, we find an amazing place to call home for next several days underneath a giant boulder on the edge of the land and is here where we sleep in til 10, prepare humble potpurri meals of rice and anything else we can find to mix in, scratch ourselves like cavemen, and of course, conduct spanish/english lessons like a pack of oxford dons. this is all interrupted by occasional exploratory excursions, swims, siestas, scratching faces and figures into sand cliffs, and fantastic ocean bouldering - of which the pictures speak for themselves.

ah yeah...

alex finds his way while tio pibo coaches from the drink

pablo is very laid back...except when he's climbing. then he's more like a pissed off lion.


pay it forward
a few days into our trip, we ran out of water and tio pibo and i volunteered to hitch hike back to the nearest town to obtain el jugo de vida. liquid gold, man. enter, david and laura from valencia, spain...another couple sojourning and laughing their way through life.david just returned from 6 months in india where he was studying reiki, yoga, and thai massage.

he has an old converted van/home. it was very comfortable to go to the store in. i am putting a picture of them here b/c they are real live examples of people who are kind, happy, and loving life without having much money at all. also, because they embody a musing of one of their fellow spainards -pablo picasso, when he said, "i am constantly doing that which i cannot do, in order that i may learn to do it." amen. not only did david and laura give pibo and i a ride to the store, they turned around and gave us a lift back to trail into atlantis...which was totally out of their way and totally a blessing to us as the sun was in a bad mood that day. keep learning, guys...keep loving.

a few more pics...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donnie you are the pogosticking fruit of the century! what the hell?? last I heard you wanted to sleep in my backyard in a tent and now your pogoing to the holy lands...I love you. pogo yourself back soon and we'll sleep under the stars together again...good luck man! -Willy Burger

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy Star said...

My three great grandpas ago was Gabriel Sustar. He was from Spain. He was the captain of a great cargo ship bringing some goods to America. He ran into massive storm/shipwreck trouble fifty miles out, swam to Virginia, and never went back. Refugee- fugitive running from the queen. Say hello to his footprints for me and keep the way of honor my friend and brother... therein lies freedom.
rock on.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Christy said...

Elliot's great. I love that you are staying with his aunt. I heard that area was gorgeous.. whew.. your pictures makes me want the ocean..

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Jenna said...

O.K, I also have an embarrassing porta pottie story. When I was in college I had one pushed completely over on me while I was in it by my drunken friends. They meant to just shake it- I was able to outrun the poo, but am still fearful of porta pots...Anywhom, I love reading the blog to keep up with you. Things seem wonderfully crazy as usual in the world of don don. However, I am ready for you to come home and hang out with us. Miss you brother.

1:29 AM  
Blogger mandy said...

You should write a book about all of these adventures when you get back . . . give Mark Twain's travel writing a little competition. Such great stories, Donnie.

I thought of you on Friday night as I was standing in a dark alley behind the Boulder Theater, ear pressed to a crack in a door, straining to hear Patty Griffin's beautiful voice, then running around to the box office, trying to flirt my way into getting into the show for free. Didn't work nearly as well this time as it did the time we tried.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a board game called scotland yard, you would be mr. X!
Are you back to USA? I take back what I said about the island. Asche auf mein Haupt!.
and kisses on yours.

9:47 AM  
Blogger j.miller said...

pablo mortimer, has a nice ring to it. damn brother, who said a dog is a man's best friend? they obviously had never witnessed you feeding your flybar. what's its name again? not that you ever told me to begin with, i just thought you probably had a name for it. mucho amor mi hermano.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Ed said...

DUUUUUDDE! What is up? You look like you've been busy at livin'! Frickin' awesome!

I been busy in grad school; still at Miami. Hopefully be a doctor by May.

Man how time flies. I still remember the day we met back in Wilson Hall.

Your old roomie,

Ed Luva

Check me out at:

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine my delight when I came across a tiny scrap of paper with your blog address on it (all these months I was kicking myself thinking that I had lost it). You'll be happy to know I have paid no more stupidity taxes since our last encounter. Shoot me an email some time so we can catch up!

Hope all is well.


2:32 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

allow! my friend, gray, let me listen to your music (donnie i reckon?) anyway, i loved it so i just wanted to say touche. keep making music and jumping through the world. also: your stories and pictures have been inspiring me a good bit, beautiful pictures
the end.

5:36 PM  
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This just inspired me so much! I'm planning on heading out to ibiza alone this summer with my tent and my climbing gear and hanging around for a few weeks. Until I stumbled upon this blog I thought nobody else would be crazy enough to do this kind of thing. I see that I was wrong... Rock on man! I hope I stumble upon some of the locations in you photos... Wish me luck!

4:24 PM  
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