Wednesday, June 28, 2006

timmy o neill and gladiolas in slow motion

shout out time. this is me doing an impression of my buddy, timmy o´neill. check out his link to the right...and put on a diaper when you look at his photos or read his words b/c if what he does doesn´t make you shaky - what he says will make you laugh so hard you may lose control of bodily functions.
also, i was reading my best friend, rusty´s, blog- and i was struck by a heavy quotation from samuel clemens, aka: mark twain

"twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things you didn´t do, than by the ones you did do."

those who have ears to hear...chiggity check yo self b´foe you wreck yo self. thanks twainer. and thanks rusty (check out his brilliant link, too). ok, onto updates...after enjoying a beer in a spanish pub owned by a frenchman located on the border of spain/france on the night spain lost to france (amen to right place at the right time?) i made my way to the highway to hitchike south. after a long day, 206 cars filled with heartless people, and a sunburn - i broke my pavlovian rhythm of car/requesting and went back into town to find out that a train to barcelona only costs 5 bucks. ha! a small price to pay for stupid tax, but now i know in an even deeper way than before what all of those folks i have passed on the highways feel like.

so, onto barcelona...just two words here: holy crap. yes, i was sucked in by the energy of the ocean, the small corridor streets, the performers on las ramblas and then - boom! - friends of friends. david poe, i am in debt to you, buddy (check out his link if you would like to bath your ears in chocolate silk or www.myspace/davidpoe ) . david gave me some contact information of his friends in barcelona. one wrote back and met up with me one night on the main tourist street where i was flybarring...with 4 of her beautiful girlfriends- who proceeded to jump on the flybar and then take me out for tapas and beers. uhhh.....high school fantasy come true? left-to-right: vanessa, laura, rebekah, charro, mykah, and leticia (the frenchie, not pictured) - a huge thank you for taking care of me!
highlights of barcelona: the ocean (kind of santa monica vibe, rusty) - playing soccer on the beach with swiss, german, spanish and canadian fellas - watching 4 romanian gypsies pickpocket an arabic man on a subway - the long meals and spanish/english lessons with "las golfinas" - remembering the wisdom of the spanish people of balancing work/play...2-3 hour lunches and nights out until they become early mornings again.

¿ahora que? south, south, south. i might write more about this later, but i have found my way to a small farm with 3 horses owned by a middle-aged german woman who should not be running it by herself. too much work. anyone interested in buying a farm in spain? she´s looking for a way out. anyway, i have decided to stay here for a week to help out and center myself after the past month of being a rambling pogohobo. besides, there is a guitar, a hammock (with a mosquito net- muy importante), a bathing pool and i feel a few songs that need to be birthed. whew...many words, i know - thanks for coming with me, friends. i feed off of your comments. one last thought for the day: never be afraid to be a beginner.

my morning view in portbou, spain

this was after an evening with a czech couple traveling together. we had a few bottles of wine and i before i went to sleep i fell into a cactus. i am still finding little needles in my skin a week later. in my friend, dave burden´s words...i am a "dumb hump".


Anonymous dad said...

hey buddy, received your email and will work on the problems.....

2:25 AM  
Anonymous dad said...

just reread your blob entries about spain......sounds really splendid...(nice word !)
once again, in your short life, you are making time memories...i am safe and give thanks....

love dad

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

shitfire this is amazing man. I feel like I'm there with you stumbling into cacti and flicking off cars as they pass by, laughing about the five dollar fare. that gig on the farm sounds totally like you man, giving that lady a hand and then bathing and writing and resting. Here's a quote that I thought you would enjoy and also it reminds me of you. It's by Marcus Aurelius, the ancient philosopher and ceasar of rome in the 1st century AD:
"Say to yourself in the early morning: I shall meet today inquisitive, ungrateful, violent, treacherous, envious, uncharitable, men. All these things have come upon them through ignorance of real good or ill. But I, because I have seen that the nature of good is right, and of ill the wrong, and that the nature of the man himself who does wrong is akin to my own, I can neither be harmed by any of them, for no man will involve me in wrong, nor can I be angry with my kinsman or hate him; for we have come into the world to work together, like feet, like hands, like eyelids, like the rows of upper and lower teeth. To work against one another therefore is to oppose Nature, and to be vexed with one another or turn away from him is to tend to antagonism."
I look forward to hearing more about your travels man. Happy adventuring, happy fourth of July!!


9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's the 7th of July, are you going to treat us with some bulls vs. flybar pictures? Take care! your stories and your pictures are what make the world turn!

12:32 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

donnie. you are a nut. enjoy life. love God.


5:42 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

oh yeah, check it...


5:44 AM  
Blogger nicholas said...

i enjoy your music. courtesty of jim s.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call Sick when you're at the nearest payphone, get my number, and call me.

your presence is much missed.

Love,Light,Truth, and Unity, mi brew! .. along with an italian CIAO!

5:01 PM  

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